Episode VII: The Beckoning Enigma

It is a time of uneasy optimism.
Since the Battle of Endor and the destruction of the Sith,
the Galactic Empire has crumbled
but elements of the old star fleet have held together,
claiming several systems under the flag of the Old Empire.

Luke Skywalker’s reborn Jedi Order, at first a guiding voice in the nascent
Union of Stars, has been edged out by slanderous political maneuvering,
based in large part on the revealed details of Luke’s parentage
and the fear that he might see himself as some sort of messiah.

Less traditional orders,
founded by other students of the Force who
came out of hiding with the death of Palpatine,
have risen to equal prominence.
Among these are the
armored Jensaarai of the Outer Rim
and the charismatic Shadow Priests of Coruscant,
named for their belief that material existence is only a shadow
of the true reality of the Force.


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Enigma Sector

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