Enigma Sector

Part V: Through the Looking Glass
Original adventure by J. Sidney Crews

Our adventurers have recently discovered
that an ancient evil has awoken
and is running loose
in the galaxy.

The Krath, an ancient dark side cult
has sent agents to try to kill the
team and revealed that it
wasn’t the first time.

Meanwhile, as our heroes wait for another
assignment from Ziro the Hutt,
they receive a very urgent
message from Corellia.

Act I: We Who are About to Die Salute You

The group receives the following coded hyper-pulse transmission:

To crews of the Silver Chair and the Queen Asha’s Revenge – STOP
From Maj. Valen DuPree of Corellian Security (CORSEC)-STOP
Urgently need to hire you for discrete op – STOP
Willing to negotiate contract price – STOP
Please meet met at the Bloodstripe Cantina 
in the Corellian Engineering Corp. Shipyard #2 in orbit above Corellia – STOP

The group flies to Corellia and enters the cantina without incident. Inside, they meet with Maj. Dupree who explains that he is an officer in Corellian Security and has become concerned that a group known as the Krath are trying to infiltrate the organization. Maj. Dupree reveals that he found evidence on a failed assassin that points to a Black Sun operation on Kessel. The Maj. hires the group to go to Kessel and investigate the organization and it’s leader, Zubiaco. The Maj. also reveals the the would-be assassin had a tattoo that the group realizes is identical to the one on the force adept they’d defeated on Korriban.

After the meeting, the group heads back to the ships, and is ambushed by an assassin and two espionage droids. After the fight, the group takes off for Kessel.

Upon arriving at Kessel, the group flies into an abandoned spice mine, which has been converted into a Black Sun stronghold and gaming parlor. After landing, the group heads to see Zubiaco. Zubiaco (a Toydarian) refuses to answer any questions about the Krath for free. The group finds that bribing him doesn’t work (he’s rich) and force persuasion has no effect (mind tricks don’t work on him).

After consulting with his Chiss companion, Zubiaco makes the group an offer: He will tell them whatever they want to know if they can win three fights in his gladiator arena. Seeing little alternative, the group hesitantly agrees. On the way to the arena the group slyly decides to make a few wagers on their arena fights, betting heavily on themselves to win.

When they are finally in the arena, the group finds themselves confronted in the first fight by a team of seasoned mercenary soldiers. Our heroes defeat the mercs handily to thunderous applause.

The second fight is tougher, pitting the group against a modified AT-ST. When the walker finally goes down, the applause is deafening.

The third and final fight chills our heroes’ blood in their veins as they realize they must face an angry rancor. But little did the rancor know just how terrible the wrath of an Ewok with an flamethrower could be. The group triumphs over the rancor, and the arena erupts in pandemonium.

After the third fight, Zubiaco attempts to double-cross the group and have them overwhelmed by his Gamorrean guards. But the group spots a way out and quickly climbs up the corpse of the dead rancor, out of the arena, and confronts Zubiaco himself.

Zubiaco quickly surrenders and tells the group that his Chiss companion, Melindrya, had sent the assassin to Corellia. He tells them that Melindrya was operating under orders from her superiors on Nar Shaddaa. He also agrees to pay the group double the winnings on their wagers if they will spare his life. The group agrees and makes its way back to the ships safely.

As they board, they release Zubiaco, who invites them to come back and fight in the arena again sometime, though the group is understandably wary of such an offer. As they take off, the group is attacked by a squadron of Z-95 Headhunters, lead by Melindrya. The group easily dispatches the Krath operative and her escorts and heads for Nar Shaddaa.

ACT II: I Left My Heart (and Other Parts) In Nar Shaddaa

In transit to Nar Shaddaa, the group fills Maj. Dupree in on what they’ve learned from Zubiaco. Colonel Braddock, Maj. Dupree’s commanding officer, breaks in on the conversation and orders the group to go to Nar Shaddaa and make contact with a CorSec operative named Lemonth Madak.

The group heads for the Severed Appendage Saloon to look for Madak. Inside, they find Lemonth (a Duros) tending bar. Lemonth becomes visibly nervous at the first mention of the Krath. At that moment, the group is surprised by Vandalarr, the Wookie dark side adept they’d last battled on Korriban. The ensuing fight wrecks the saloon.

After the fight is over, Lemonth is angry at the Krath and agrees to help the group. Lemonth reveals that the Krath are operating out of a skyhook orbiting above the planet and that its tether base anchoring it to the planet is not far away, but is heavily defended by Imperial troops. Lemonth states that the Krath has been trying to broker an alliance with the Imperial remnant, for mutual benefit and conquest.

Lemonth tells the group that the skyhook could be neutralized through a two-pronged attack. First, there would need to be a diversion at the tether base to keep the Imperial troops busy, and simultaneously slicers could disable the station’s space-based defenses. This would allow a small strike team to slip into a hangar bay, make their way to the station’s fusion generator core, and blow it up; destroying the station, the Krath, and the Imperials all at once.

The group likes the plan, but Lemonth insists they will need help to pull it off. So he takes them to see Ballafintt the Hutt. After Lemonth explains the situation, Lord Ballafintt is enraged that the Imperials and the Krath would be so brazen as to operate on Nar Shaddaa without his permission. He agrees to provide troops and slicers to create the opening the group needs to get inside the skyhook.

As Ballafintt’s troops assault the tether base, the group flies toward the skyhook itself, and lands in one of its empty hangar bays. The group encounters no guards on the way to the generator, since they have all been called to the tether base to repel Ballafintt’s troops.

Inside the generator chamber, the group easily defeats a handful of stormtroopers and an Imperial officer. Afterward, the group sets explosives around the generator and prepares to leave. Before they do, the group notices a message intended for the skyhook’s commander.

The message reveals that Col. Braddock has been behind the infiltration of CorSec the whole time. Braddock warns the skyhook’s commander, Kasen, that the group is dangerous and not to underestimate them.

The group leaves the chamber and heads back to the hangar. Upon reaching the hangar, the group is confronted by Kasen, a female Zabrak and a dark side adept. Kasen is highly skilled, but ultimately no match for our heroes. The group defeats her and takes off. Once safely out of the hangar, the group detonates the explosives, destroying the skyhook.

Maj. Dupree contacts the group and hurriedly explains that the Krath have thrown off their cover and started mutinying, attempting to pull off a coup d’etat. Col. Braddock cuts in on the transmission and reveals to Dupree that she has been behind the infiltration all along, and openly taunts the group to come confront her.

Maj. Dupree pleads with the group to deal with Col. Braddock while he attempts to put down the mutiny. The group heads for Corellia.

Act III: Crossing the Rubicon

The group emerges from hyperspace above Corellia. They fly to Coronet city and head towards the CorSec headquarters building, where Col. Braddock is holed up. Signs of battle are everywhere as the Krath operatives mutiny. The group lands on a pad attached to the top floor of the building.

Inside, the group confronts Col. Braddock and her two Krath guards. Col. Braddock is as skilled as a dark jedi and wields a lightsaber, but ultimately succumbs to the group’s superior firepower and aggression. As she dies, Braddock says:

“You two…,” she points to Torrin and Tsillen. “…I’ve seen you before…in my visions. You’re on Prakith…fighting the Mother Chapter… you will unleash a great darkness…” She chuckles bitterly. “…I see now…I was never meant to end your lives. My only purpose was to make you stronger…” She has a coughing fit. “…the dark side…is…cruel…” She dies.

By the time the group makes their way back to their ships, the CorSec loyalists have gained the upper hand and broken the back of the mutiny. Maj. Dupree thanks the group for their impressive effort.

The End

Part IV: Down the Rabbit Hole
Original Adventure by J. Sidney Crews

The crews of the Silver Chair and the Queen Asha’s Revenge,
knowing a good thing when they see it,
have decided to try to convince Ziro the Hutt to
give them another good-paying mission.

Tsillen Voore has convinced Ziro that he knows
a contact that can arrange a sale of
some of the mysterious Enigma Sector technology.

Ziro, anxious to get his greedy digits
on the unstable technology, has agreed
to provide support for the mission,
both material and financial;
and one more thing also…

Act I: Intrigue at the Opera

After receiving funds and materiel from Ziro the Hutt (plus an astromech droid that may or may not steal the Queen Asha’s Revenge right out from under Tsillen Voore’s nose), the group sets off for Onderon to meet with “Ishmael” and purchase the mysterious object from his contact. After arriving on Onderon, the group gets dressed up and takes a hover limo to the meet, which is taking place at an Opera (“Saint Quizblorg versus the Leviathan”). After making contact with Ishmael, the group is directed to their seats, where “Mr. X” will find them.

Later, Mr. X (a Bothan) contacts the group and directs them to his associate on a catwalk above the stage, who has the item in question. Just as the group is about to reach Mr. X’s associate, he is killed by a blaster shot in the back, and the mysterious object goes flying. It is snatched out of the air by Wookie dark side adept, who then leaps to safety and shoots the support beams of the catwalk, causing the group to tumble out into space and land in a zero-gravity water globe on stage.

The Wookie escapes the opera house as the group (with the exception of Torrin Kor, who was able to save himself) fights to extricate themselves from the watery hindrance. Eventually the group makes it outside, only to see the Wookie take off on a swoop bike. The group means to give chase, but immediately see that their hover limo has been destroyed by swoop bike gangers. Fortunately, the gangers left their bikes unattended while they engaged in the mayhem, and the group commandeer the bikes and give chase to the Wookie.

Dodging traffic and blaster bolts from angry swoop gangers hot on their heels, the group chases the Wookie towards the city’s spaceport. Before the group can catch the Wookie, they are confronted by the swoop gang leader. The ensuing fight delays the group long enough for the Wookie to get into a ship and take off.

After defeating the gang leader, the group hurries to their own ships and pursue. Almost immediately after taking off, the group is set upon by a number of beast riders mounted on Drexls. The group easily defeats the beast riders, but by the time they reach orbit, the Wookie has already jumped into hyperspace. Fortunately, the item that the Wookie had stolen had a tracking device on it, which the group is able to follow. The tracking device points the group to Korriban.

Just before they jump into hyperspace, the group receives a message from Mr. X: “You bloody back-stabbing schuttas! Ya think you’re gonna get away with killin’ my mate, ya got another think comin’! If you think you can just up and disappear, then you obviously have never had a ticked-off Bothan on your tail!”

Act II: Please Enjoy Your Stay at the Valley of the Sith Lords

The group arrives at Korriban and realizes that the tracking signal is now coming from the tomb of the ancient Sith Lord Marka Ragnos. The group lands a short distance away and begins to trek toward the tomb. After fighting off a trio of gundarks, the group finally makes it into the tomb. The presence of the dark side is almost overpowering inside the tomb, and the group’s mind begins to play tricks on them.

Eventually, the group comes to a seeming dead end wall covered with moveable glyphs. The group realizes that the glyphs must be rearranged to say:

Peace is a lie; there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

Once the glyphs are arranged correctly, a section of the wall slides into the floor and allows the group to pass. The next chamber is again a seeming dead end. This time, however, the group is confronted by a ghastly vision of the late Capt. Vartang, who accuses them of stealing his ship and leaving his family to starve. Eventually it is revealed that the vision of the unfortunate Capt. Vartang is actually the shade of Marka Ragnos, toying with the group.

The Sith Lord’s shade challenges the group, who must respond correctly or die. The group responds correctly, and the entire exchange is thus:

Peace is a lie; there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

The shade of Marka Ragnos disappears and the wall blocking the group’s way slides into the floor, only to reveal the Wookie that they have been chasing all this time. A desperate battle ensues,with the group finally getting the upper hand and the Wookie escaping at the last second before he is killed. Frustrated, the group moves into the central chamber of the tomb where the tracking signal is coming from.

Act III: It’s All as Clear as Mud Now

In the central chamber, a human force adept confronts the group, holding the mysterious object. The adept reveals that Tsillen Voore has been marked for death by the Krath, but attacks instead of explaining why. The group battles the adept and is finally able to triumph, finally retrieving the mysterious object. The group also unsuccessfully tries to identify the dead adept, finding only distinctive glyph tattooed on his inner eyelid.

Before leaving the tomb, the force adepts of the group sense something strange inside Marka Ragnos’ sarcophagus. Searching inside, they discover a key to a Sith holocron. They take the key and leave Korriban.

The group returns to Coruscant and begin to enter the orbital traffic lanes heading planetside. Before they can do so, they are attacked by Mr. X (flying a Firespray-31). A space battle ensues with the group dodging Mr. X and other ships inside the traffic lanes. Eventually, the group is able to triumph and Mr. X is defeated.

Back at Ziro’s hangar, the group hands over the item and Ziro seems pleased. The Hutt pays the group and hands over the holocron base that he’d promised to Tsillen. Eager to see what the holocron might reveal, the group inserts the key and the holocron comes to life.

The holocron displays an image of Darth Plageuis, who says:

“Greetings, adepts. I applaud your tenacity in reconstructing my holocron. No doubt it was not easy. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Darth Plageuis the wise. While I have much to teach and you have much to learn, I sense that you are not yet strong enough to endure my lessons. However, do not be discouraged at this small obstacle. Soon you will be able to bear the truths that I will reveal to you. Until then, accept this gift as both enticement and reward.”

The holocron rewards the entire group with a bonus feat.

The End

Coded Messages

From Tsillin Voore to Ziro the Hutt:

zzzzIncoming messagezzzzz xxxxxxfrom: "afriend"xxxxxx
00000to: "Zed"0000000
!!!!!!confirm accept message y/n: y!!!!!!!!!!
#####biometric identification accepted#####
$$$$$$message decrypted$$$$$$$
*****message follows:*******

My most esteemed Lord Ziro:

I have had some success gathering the information that you requested of me when last we met. I was able to get in touch with an old contact of mine. I will refer to him as “Ishmael.” Ishmael, in addition to being a reliable broker of, let us say, “questionable” goods and information, is also the manager of a traveling troupe of Mon Calamari actors. Ishmael has informed me that he has been able to set up a meeting with a representative of a group of collectors who are willing to sell you one of the “items” you requested. The meet will happen at the troupe’s next scheduled performance, on Onderon.

Ishmael is slightly paranoid, as one would expect from someone in his line of work, and so will only meet with beings he trusts; namely me and my associates. If you wish me to purchase the item, I will require the following:

Formal attire (as the meeting is taking place at an opera), funds to cover the price of the item, and (as I am quite sure Captain Merrick is unwilling to risk his ship in a third encounter with this strange and unstable technology) a suitable transport to ferry us to the meeting and carry the item to you once we have it. I am still willing to fly the “Queen Asha’s Revenge” to cover the transport both to and fro, so do not fret about an escort. However, I would advise that it would be prudent to ensure that the transport is well armed, “just in case,” as my human companions would say.

My associates will require the usual compensation, of course. However, in lieu of my own share of credits, I instead humbly ask only that you grant me a request. I would like to know of any information that you have regarding the whereabouts of the cult known as the Krath. They are a subject that I have much interest in.

So, my gracious lord Ziro, if this arrangement sounds acceptable to you, please message me within ten standard days, and my associates and I will begin making preparations.

May the moons of Nal Hutta shine ever brightly.

Your humble servant,

Tsillin Voore

******message ends********

Reply from Ziro the Hutt to Tsillin Voore:

My Dear Captain Voore:

Without more knowledge of the nature of this piece of technology, it is difficult for me to assess its value to me. Nonetheless, you have piqued my interest. I will allow you to use a transport vessel from my pool. However, you will be responsible for damages and your YT-1300 must remain with me as collateral. Your friend Captain Merrick may be less than pleased with these terms. I leave the resolution to you.

As for the Krath, to my knowledge they are long extinct and quite dangerous. I do, however, have access to a certain ancient holocron which is purported to contain information on their teachings, indoctrination techniques, and many of their secrets. What I do not have is the key to open this holocron. To my knowledge, such a key could only be obtained from one of the ancient Sith tombs on the abandoned planet Korriban. If you do journey to Korriban, take care—rumor has it that Darth Sidious himself went there seeking further knowledge of the Force, and barely made it back alive.

A pleasure, as always, to hear from you, My Good Captain.

Yours In Violet Pulchritude,

Ziro the Hutt

From Tsillin Voore to Asha, Elizabeth, Merrick, and Torrin Korr:

zzzzIncoming messagezzzzz

To: Crews of the “Silver Chair”; “Queen Asha’s Revenge”

Greetings my friends. I am sending this message with much enthusiasm, as Ziro has agreed to send us on another mission, and to pay our full fee upon completion. In the interest of keeping the Silver Chair from being unnecessarily damaged this time, I have negotiated to have Ziro lend us one of his own transports, with the condition that I allow him to install an astromech droid in my own Y-wing (which will no doubt try to steal or destroy my ship if we step out of line). I have agreed to this condition and am pleased to say that I am ready to leave on this latest adventure whenever all of you are. Attached are the correspondences between Ziro and I to date.

Your friend and comrade-in-arms,

Tsillin Voore

From Merrick to Tsillin Voore:

zzzzIncoming messagezzzzz

To:Tsillin Voore

Voore, you squidfaced nurf herder. What are you trying to imply telling that worm-eaten slug I am afraid to face risk without even talking to me about it? Call me coward again and I’ll make you yearn for the sarlack pit.

Do you really think I would prefer to trust my life to whatever hunk of junk Ziro drags out of his scrap yard than to take the Silver Chair? Furthermore, you will not keep the Queen Asha’s Revenge long if you continue to trust the likes of Ziro or his minions. Unless this whatever it is we’re going after is worth a lot more than the Queen Asha’s Revenge, do you really think Ziro would hesitate to steal your ship and leave us stranded in the outer rim on some piece of crap transport and then probably steal the Silver Chair as well.

Get the details and then I’ll chart a flight path with the Chair’s navicomputer. I’ll have the refits on her done in a few days and will be ready to go. BTW, we need to set a price before we go. You may not want to be paid, but I’m in this for the money.

Captain Merrick

******message ends********
Part 3: Fire and Ice
Weekend at Ziro's

Fire and Ice, original adventure by Michael C. Lea
Players: Amy (Asha), Isa (Elizabeth), Jon (Tsillin Voore), Lynn (Merrick)
NPC Hero: Torrin Korr

The strange inhabitants of the Enigma Sector have not returned.
The crews of the Silver Chair and the Queen Asha’s Revenge
continue to expand their reputations
as traders, smugglers and warriors-for-hire.

On an expedition to the remote ice planet Hoth,
a plan to scavenge an abandoned Rebel Base goes awry
when the vicious Trandoshan bounty hunter Sstak Grap
springs his ambush.

Sstak Grap’s attack is repulsed, but not without cost.
With their starfighter badly damaged, the explorers flee,
hoping to find a friendly port and the resources for repairs.
Then the Silver Chair receives a mysterious transmission…

Space Telegram

The group has been joined by the mysterious human noblewoman Elizabeth, who brought with her a transponder and map of Echo Base, the abandoned Rebel establishment on Hoth. While trying to scavenge valuable parts from the base on Hoth, the group was ambushed and attacked by vicious Trandoshan bounty hunter Sstak Grap, who like B’nox Veet was hunting down Captain Voore. They escaped, but their ships were both damaged, the Queen Asha’s Revenge most seriously.

The Silver Chair then received a coded hyper-pulse transmission:


Clearly this was a message intended for Captain Vartang, the previous owner of The Silver Chair. After a quick consultation, the group elected to follow the transmission to Coruscant.

Imperial Entanglements

The group exited hyperspace only to find themselves hurtling directly for a battered Imperial Star Destroyer! Barely avoiding a collision, the two ships fought off a TIE Fighter escort as they struggled to reach Coruscant. Curiously, the Star Destroyer did not use its main guns and focused its attention on snagging The Silver Chair with a tractor beam. The group escaped the Imperials, however, and managed to escape inside Coruscant’s orbital defenses. During the fight, YVH-C45 repeatedly excused himself to “check on something” in his quarters, and seemed to be behaving strangely.

After exchanging another message with the mysterious “Zed,” the group received directions to his private landing pad. The quartermaster there, however, wouldn’t release the parts to repair the two ships without hearing directly from “Zed.”

The Man Called Zed

Tsillin Voore gathers information in the Dead Man's Lantern.

A quick HoloNet search revealed the location of the Dead Man’s Lantern—deep in the warrens, in the dank underbelly of the grand metropolis of Coruscant. The only sign was a painting of a skeleton clutching a crude oil lamp. As the group entered the dark, smoky interior, the babble of voices inside dropped to a whisper – this was clearly not the kind of place that strangers walked into every day.

The group combed the cantina for Reepo, blending in as best they could. Merrick and Tsillin, being somewhat more accustomed to the underworld, spread out to gather information. Reepo, however, saw them coming and attempted to sneak away. Only Asha’s keen senses spotted him before he was able to slip out the door. Tsillin and Asha followed him from a safe distance. Reepo led them into an alleyway and then turned on Tsillin, whom he had spotted following him. He did not spot Asha, however, and when Tsillin revealed that there an Ewok with a flamethrower had the drop on him, Reepo was too stunned to protest.

Negotiations, Aggressive and Otherwise

Zed=Ziro the Hutt

The group followed Reepo to the lair of his master “Zed,” who turned out to be none other than Ziro the Hutt. The Hutt, of course, had been expecting to hire Captain Vartang, but was in desperate enough need that he was willing to hire the people who had taken Vartang’s ship instead. Ziro had some “delicate merchandise” that needed to be transported to a safehouse quickly and quietly, and needed to avoid the renegade element of the Imperial Fleet that was pursuing the merchandise (and which the group had already encountered once). Ziro confided to Tsillin that the merchandise in question, like the Haamin and the Autobionic Plague, was from a universe on the other side of the Spacewall.

The two sides quickly settled on a price of 25,000 credits, plus free repairs to the Queen Asha’s Revenge, but Ziro insisted that everyone, including himself and Reepo, accompany the cargo on The Silver Chair. As the negotiations wrapped up, a squad of Imperial Stormtroopers led by an officer burst in and demanded surrender. Asha answered their demands with a grenade, which obliterated most of the squad. The others were quickly dispatched, but more Imperials were arriving, accompanied by AT-ST walkers. Everyone fled through Ziro’s secret tunnel to the docking bays.

Crash Landing

The group got aboard their ship and took off. Departing Coruscant space, they saw the battered Star Destroyer being engaged by Coruscant’s defenses. Intercepted communications revealed that the Imperials were working for someone they referred to only as “the Baron.”

The jump to hyperspace went very wrong. The Silver Chair lurched back into normal space above Hoth instead, and was pulled into its gravity well! The ship spiralled down for a crash landing!

YVH-C45 was suspiciously insistent that this was not his fault, and wandered off to his quarters again. Merrick, Torrin, and Tsillin went after him. In YVH-C45’s quarters, Merrick discovered the severed head of B’nox Veet, hooked into The Silver Chair’s systems. YVH-C45 knew that B’nox Veet had information on YVH-C45’s lost master, and droid was determined to get it. Unfortunately, in trying to tap in to B’nox Veet’s memory banks, YVH-C45 had exposed The Silver Chair to the autobionic plague. Merrick was furious to see the techno-organic contagion spreading through his ship’s systems.

Merrick and Tsillin Voore pounced on YVH-C45 and managed to deactivate him. Merrick then dumped YVH-C45, the head of B’nox Veet, and anything else that looked infected out the airlock and into the snow. Asha offered to cleanse the area with her flamethrower, but Merrick declined.

Faced with a life support system that would not hold out once the sun set in four hours, the group pulled together to root out the infection, combining Merrick’s and Tsillin’s mechanic skills, Asha’s keen senses, Elizabeth’s medical knowledge, and Torrin Korr’s Force sense to locate and remove the techno-organic infection. That done, Merrick, Tsillin Voore, and Torrin Korr set out to locate and scavenge repair parts from Echo Base.

Snow Rodeo

Asha and Elizabeth left on a different mission: following the tracks of some strange animals that Asha had spotted in the snow around the ship. Asha was able to follow the tracks and locate some formerly domesticated taun-tauns. Apparently leftovers from Echo Base who were released back into the wild, they still had the rotting remains of saddles and bridles attached. Although Elizabeth had a bit of a stumble trying to quickly mount one of the taun-tauns, Asha quickly got the herd under control, and the two rode to catch up with the rest of the group.

Echo Base

The group entered Echo Base cautiously, since the bounty hunter Sstak Grap might still be lurking about. They entered through the hangar and soon ran afoul of a team of mercenaries who were scavenging the husks of snowspeeders. The mercenaries were soundly defeated through a concerted effort, and the group gleefully scavenged every last bit of their equipment.

They scavenged the ruined snowspeeders as well, quickly recovering enough spare parts to repair The Silver Chair’s drive systems. The control systems needed repairing as well, however, and so they decided to make their way to the base’s control room.

They attempted to enter the control room stealthily, but they were spotted by their nemesis Sstak Grap, who potshotted Merrick from cover. A raging firefight ensued, with Sstak Grap holding off the entire group for a time. Accumulated wounds, as well as a particularly stinging blaster shot to the face from Asha, convinced him to retreat. Although Merrick organized a determined pursuit, Sstak Grap retreated into the snow, covered by his ship’s guns. As he left, he swore to collect his bounty on Tsillin Voore someday. Tsillin replied, “I’ll be waiting.”

With the control components scavenged, the group made a quick stop at the medical bay before returning to the ship. They gathered up some medical supplies and a broken 2-1B medical droid and made their way back through the snow to The Silver Chair.

Wampas on the Loose!

When they returned, the group found The Silver Chair’s door forced open and scored with claw marks. Inside, they found that Ziro the Hutt and Reepo, who had remained behind, had accidentally let the monsters aboard. After a brief firefight (during which Asha was frustrated at being forbidden to use fire or explosives on the ship), the group was able to chase the surviving wampas back out into the snow.

With the snow-beasts gone, they were free to make repairs. Only 15 minutes before life support would have given out, Merrick pronounced The Silver Chair fit for travel, and they successfully lifted off from Hoth. According to a previous arrangement with Merrick, Asha fired the ship’s guns at the inert body of YVH-C45 as they took off, apparently destroying the renegade droid.

Delivering the Package

As the ship flew through hyperspace to Ziro the Hutt’s safehouse, the Hutt confided to Tsillin Voore that the contents of his “package” were from the other side of the Spacewall, and that he might enlist the Quarren’s assistance in finding other items of technology from the other universe. He even cracked the case and showed Tsillin what was inside: an armed and armored figure, formidable-looking but apparently dead.

Alarmed, Tsillin realized that everything else from the other universe had been highly dangerous, and sought to dispose of it. Initial attempts by Tsillin and Elizabeth to distract Ziro failed, but eventually Merrick jolted the ship around enough to tip Ziro over, after which Elizabeth was able to convince him to leave the cargo hold and go to the medical bay. Tsillin quickly wired the package with explosives taken from the mercenaries on Hoth.

They safely arrived at Ziro’s safehouse and began to offload the package. As they were negotiating payment, some workers dropped the package, spilling its contents. The armored warrior inside woke up, but did not speak any familiar language and seemed very confused. He seemed to see Torrin Korr as a threat, and engaged the Jensaarai in combat. The armored warrior seemed more than a match for Torrin, but with Tsillin’s explosives, the use of the ship’s guns, and a perfectly-placed flamethrower shot from Asha, the group was able to prevail.

Although Ziro the Hutt was less than pleased with Tsillin’s subterfuge, he was at least happy to have not been carved into purple escargot by the armored creature’s energy blade. He paid the group as promised, and remained open to employing them further if the opportunity arose.

End of Part 3: Fire and Ice
Part 2: Wreck and Ruin
In Space, No One Can Hear You Take Stuff That Isn't Yours

Wreck and Ruin, mini-adventure from Scum and Villainy run by Peryton
Players: Amy (Asha), Daniel (YVH-C45), Jon (Tsillin Voore), Lynn (Merrick), Michael (Torrin Korr)

Mos Eisley Job Offer

Tsillin Voore received word from a contact that a job opportunity was available. They met the contact at the Mos Eisley cantina on Tatooine. He told them of a wrecked Neimoidian droid control ship, the Starworm, and offered to pay them to scavenge its droid control device. They could also keep any other salvage they recovered. After some haggling (including an unsuccessful mind trick attempt), the group set off to find the wreck.

Finding the Starworm

The Starworm was where it was supposed to be. However, other scavengers had gotten there first. Several TIE fighters were buzzing about the wreck and claimed it for a local pirate. The party quickly chased the TIE fighters away with a few well-placed shots and a proton torpedo.

Looting the Starworm

The group had to use spacesuits to board the wreck, as it was exposed to vacuum. Once inside, they were ambushed by a squad of battle droids, leftovers from the ship’s complement that were buried in the wreckage. The group located the droid control module, as well as an intact droid starfighter and a number of other components they loaded into The Silver Chair’s cargo bay. They also found a functioning quad-laser battery, but were unable to scavenge it before the pirate returned with more fighters. Torrin Korr wanted to remain on the Starworm and engage the pirates face-to-face, but the rest of the group favored engaging them in space. They quickly finished loading and took off, and destroyed the pirate fleet handily.


Returning to Tatooine, the group was able to sell the components and the droid starfighter and collect their reward for the droid control module.

End of Part 2: Wreck and Ruin
Part 1: The Beckoning Enigma
The Adventure Begins

The Beckoning Enigma, original adventure by Peryton
Players: Amy (Asha), Daniel (YVH-C45), Jon (Tsillin Voore), Lynn (Merrick), Michael (Torrin Korr)

Glon Kalmat Cantina

Each for reasons of their own (most of which are detailed in their entries on the ‘Characters’ tab), Asha, YVH-C45, Tsillin Voore, Merrick and Torrin Korr all converged on the cantina at Glon Kalmat, a mining colony made of asteroids held together by duranium scaffolding.

Looking for passage further into the Outer Rim, Torrin Korr engaged Captain Vartang in conversation. Captain Vartang’s boasts were cut short when a gigantic harpoon burst through the wall of the cantina and impaled him. The harpoon was the “needler” of B’nox Veet, who announced his presence via hologram and demanded that Tsillin Voore be turned over to him. The cantina suffered decompression, and the group barely managed to escape. Torrin Korr got the keys to Captain Vartang’s ship. Immediately convinced by Tsillin Voore’s claims of innocence, Torrin Korr handed over the keys to the Quarren, and the rest of the group piled inside.

Escape from The Needler

Although Vartang’s ship, the Aluminum Falcon (later renamed The Silver Chair), seemed to be no match for Veet’s Y-Wing starfighter, they were able to avoid getting shot or harpooned as they raced through the careening asteroids. As they pressed into seldom-trafficked areas of the asteroid field, they noticed some strange ruins with what appeared to be gigantic armored corpses embedded in the rock. Obviously, though, they had no time to stop and look around.

The Quarren Station

Finding the station…

Exploring the Station


The Experiment

Force Commander & co….

Showdown with B’Nox Veet

Chop chop…


Station disappears. Ships seized…


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