The Silver Chair

Corellian YT-1300 Freighter


Starship Type: YT-1300 Transport
Mods: Pilot Controlled Laser Cannon, 2nd Set Laser Cannon, Combat Thrusters, Shield 45, Manuvering Jets +4 (Dex), Tech Spec +2 Dex, Droid Recharge Station x2
Carried Craft: Arateck 74-Z Speederbike
Droid Crew:
2-1B Med Droid – Doc
GD16 Pilot(Precision Flight) Droid – Buddy
V6 Pilot(Gunner) Droid – Gunner
R8 Astromech Droid – Torque Wrench
R8 Astromech Droid Brain (ship installed, Tech Spec +2 Int) – Silver


The Silver Chair

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