Masterless Bodyguard Droid

Medium Droid Soldier 4
Force ; Dark Side 0
Init + ; Senses Perception +
Languages Basic,
Defenses Ref (flat-footed ), Fort , Will
hp ; Threshold
Speed squares
Ranged + ()
Melee + ()
Base Atk + ; Grp +
Atk Options
Abilities Str , Dex , Con , Int , Wis , Cha

YVH-C45 is a YVH-class bodyguard droid who lost his master and has been searching for him (or her) ever since. C45’s promising lead took him to Glon Kalmat, a fringe mining colony built into five asteroids bound together by duranium scaffolding. He had been in contact with a cyborg called B’nox Veet, who offered convincing evidence that he had, indeed, seen C45’s lost master there. Veet wanted to meet C45 there to discuss this information and to ask for his help in return. Veet claimed that something was stolen from him by an unscrupulous human technician called Merrick. The object was a techno-organic artifact of unknown origin with such elegantly fused mechanical and organic components that it was difficult to determine where artifice ends and life begins. Veet believed that this was the key to a cybernetic science utterly alien to the known galaxy, and was willing to take C45 on as a partner if he was willing. Otherwise, Veet asked only that C45 share the information he gathered, so that Veet could correlate it with his own in the search for Merrick and B’nox Veet’s stolen property.

Once at Glon Kalmat, C45 encountered [[:lynnmerrick,]], as well as Asha, Torrin Korr, Tsillin Voore and Captain Vartang. As B’nox Veet pursued them in the Needler, C45 intentionally avoided blasting the bounty hunter’s Y-Wing, afraid of losing Veet’s valuable knowledge of his lost master. C45 also attempted to convince Torrin Korr to spare Veet, but the Jensaarai insisted on seeing “justice” done. C45 kept the bounty hunter’s head and attempted to use The Silver Chair’s systems to draw information out of it, but only succeeded in infecting the ship—an outcome which did not bode well for C45 when Merrick discovered what he head been up to.


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