Enigma Sector

Part V: Through the Looking Glass

Original adventure by J. Sidney Crews

Our adventurers have recently discovered
that an ancient evil has awoken
and is running loose
in the galaxy.

The Krath, an ancient dark side cult
has sent agents to try to kill the
team and revealed that it
wasn’t the first time.

Meanwhile, as our heroes wait for another
assignment from Ziro the Hutt,
they receive a very urgent
message from Corellia.

Act I: We Who are About to Die Salute You

The group receives the following coded hyper-pulse transmission:

To crews of the Silver Chair and the Queen Asha’s Revenge – STOP
From Maj. Valen DuPree of Corellian Security (CORSEC)-STOP
Urgently need to hire you for discrete op – STOP
Willing to negotiate contract price – STOP
Please meet met at the Bloodstripe Cantina 
in the Corellian Engineering Corp. Shipyard #2 in orbit above Corellia – STOP

The group flies to Corellia and enters the cantina without incident. Inside, they meet with Maj. Dupree who explains that he is an officer in Corellian Security and has become concerned that a group known as the Krath are trying to infiltrate the organization. Maj. Dupree reveals that he found evidence on a failed assassin that points to a Black Sun operation on Kessel. The Maj. hires the group to go to Kessel and investigate the organization and it’s leader, Zubiaco. The Maj. also reveals the the would-be assassin had a tattoo that the group realizes is identical to the one on the force adept they’d defeated on Korriban.

After the meeting, the group heads back to the ships, and is ambushed by an assassin and two espionage droids. After the fight, the group takes off for Kessel.

Upon arriving at Kessel, the group flies into an abandoned spice mine, which has been converted into a Black Sun stronghold and gaming parlor. After landing, the group heads to see Zubiaco. Zubiaco (a Toydarian) refuses to answer any questions about the Krath for free. The group finds that bribing him doesn’t work (he’s rich) and force persuasion has no effect (mind tricks don’t work on him).

After consulting with his Chiss companion, Zubiaco makes the group an offer: He will tell them whatever they want to know if they can win three fights in his gladiator arena. Seeing little alternative, the group hesitantly agrees. On the way to the arena the group slyly decides to make a few wagers on their arena fights, betting heavily on themselves to win.

When they are finally in the arena, the group finds themselves confronted in the first fight by a team of seasoned mercenary soldiers. Our heroes defeat the mercs handily to thunderous applause.

The second fight is tougher, pitting the group against a modified AT-ST. When the walker finally goes down, the applause is deafening.

The third and final fight chills our heroes’ blood in their veins as they realize they must face an angry rancor. But little did the rancor know just how terrible the wrath of an Ewok with an flamethrower could be. The group triumphs over the rancor, and the arena erupts in pandemonium.

After the third fight, Zubiaco attempts to double-cross the group and have them overwhelmed by his Gamorrean guards. But the group spots a way out and quickly climbs up the corpse of the dead rancor, out of the arena, and confronts Zubiaco himself.

Zubiaco quickly surrenders and tells the group that his Chiss companion, Melindrya, had sent the assassin to Corellia. He tells them that Melindrya was operating under orders from her superiors on Nar Shaddaa. He also agrees to pay the group double the winnings on their wagers if they will spare his life. The group agrees and makes its way back to the ships safely.

As they board, they release Zubiaco, who invites them to come back and fight in the arena again sometime, though the group is understandably wary of such an offer. As they take off, the group is attacked by a squadron of Z-95 Headhunters, lead by Melindrya. The group easily dispatches the Krath operative and her escorts and heads for Nar Shaddaa.

ACT II: I Left My Heart (and Other Parts) In Nar Shaddaa

In transit to Nar Shaddaa, the group fills Maj. Dupree in on what they’ve learned from Zubiaco. Colonel Braddock, Maj. Dupree’s commanding officer, breaks in on the conversation and orders the group to go to Nar Shaddaa and make contact with a CorSec operative named Lemonth Madak.

The group heads for the Severed Appendage Saloon to look for Madak. Inside, they find Lemonth (a Duros) tending bar. Lemonth becomes visibly nervous at the first mention of the Krath. At that moment, the group is surprised by Vandalarr, the Wookie dark side adept they’d last battled on Korriban. The ensuing fight wrecks the saloon.

After the fight is over, Lemonth is angry at the Krath and agrees to help the group. Lemonth reveals that the Krath are operating out of a skyhook orbiting above the planet and that its tether base anchoring it to the planet is not far away, but is heavily defended by Imperial troops. Lemonth states that the Krath has been trying to broker an alliance with the Imperial remnant, for mutual benefit and conquest.

Lemonth tells the group that the skyhook could be neutralized through a two-pronged attack. First, there would need to be a diversion at the tether base to keep the Imperial troops busy, and simultaneously slicers could disable the station’s space-based defenses. This would allow a small strike team to slip into a hangar bay, make their way to the station’s fusion generator core, and blow it up; destroying the station, the Krath, and the Imperials all at once.

The group likes the plan, but Lemonth insists they will need help to pull it off. So he takes them to see Ballafintt the Hutt. After Lemonth explains the situation, Lord Ballafintt is enraged that the Imperials and the Krath would be so brazen as to operate on Nar Shaddaa without his permission. He agrees to provide troops and slicers to create the opening the group needs to get inside the skyhook.

As Ballafintt’s troops assault the tether base, the group flies toward the skyhook itself, and lands in one of its empty hangar bays. The group encounters no guards on the way to the generator, since they have all been called to the tether base to repel Ballafintt’s troops.

Inside the generator chamber, the group easily defeats a handful of stormtroopers and an Imperial officer. Afterward, the group sets explosives around the generator and prepares to leave. Before they do, the group notices a message intended for the skyhook’s commander.

The message reveals that Col. Braddock has been behind the infiltration of CorSec the whole time. Braddock warns the skyhook’s commander, Kasen, that the group is dangerous and not to underestimate them.

The group leaves the chamber and heads back to the hangar. Upon reaching the hangar, the group is confronted by Kasen, a female Zabrak and a dark side adept. Kasen is highly skilled, but ultimately no match for our heroes. The group defeats her and takes off. Once safely out of the hangar, the group detonates the explosives, destroying the skyhook.

Maj. Dupree contacts the group and hurriedly explains that the Krath have thrown off their cover and started mutinying, attempting to pull off a coup d’etat. Col. Braddock cuts in on the transmission and reveals to Dupree that she has been behind the infiltration all along, and openly taunts the group to come confront her.

Maj. Dupree pleads with the group to deal with Col. Braddock while he attempts to put down the mutiny. The group heads for Corellia.

Act III: Crossing the Rubicon

The group emerges from hyperspace above Corellia. They fly to Coronet city and head towards the CorSec headquarters building, where Col. Braddock is holed up. Signs of battle are everywhere as the Krath operatives mutiny. The group lands on a pad attached to the top floor of the building.

Inside, the group confronts Col. Braddock and her two Krath guards. Col. Braddock is as skilled as a dark jedi and wields a lightsaber, but ultimately succumbs to the group’s superior firepower and aggression. As she dies, Braddock says:

“You two…,” she points to Torrin and Tsillen. “…I’ve seen you before…in my visions. You’re on Prakith…fighting the Mother Chapter… you will unleash a great darkness…” She chuckles bitterly. “…I see now…I was never meant to end your lives. My only purpose was to make you stronger…” She has a coughing fit. “…the dark side…is…cruel…” She dies.

By the time the group makes their way back to their ships, the CorSec loyalists have gained the upper hand and broken the back of the mutiny. Maj. Dupree thanks the group for their impressive effort.

The End



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