Enigma Sector

Part IV: Down the Rabbit Hole

Original Adventure by J. Sidney Crews

The crews of the Silver Chair and the Queen Asha’s Revenge,
knowing a good thing when they see it,
have decided to try to convince Ziro the Hutt to
give them another good-paying mission.

Tsillen Voore has convinced Ziro that he knows
a contact that can arrange a sale of
some of the mysterious Enigma Sector technology.

Ziro, anxious to get his greedy digits
on the unstable technology, has agreed
to provide support for the mission,
both material and financial;
and one more thing also…

Act I: Intrigue at the Opera

After receiving funds and materiel from Ziro the Hutt (plus an astromech droid that may or may not steal the Queen Asha’s Revenge right out from under Tsillen Voore’s nose), the group sets off for Onderon to meet with “Ishmael” and purchase the mysterious object from his contact. After arriving on Onderon, the group gets dressed up and takes a hover limo to the meet, which is taking place at an Opera (“Saint Quizblorg versus the Leviathan”). After making contact with Ishmael, the group is directed to their seats, where “Mr. X” will find them.

Later, Mr. X (a Bothan) contacts the group and directs them to his associate on a catwalk above the stage, who has the item in question. Just as the group is about to reach Mr. X’s associate, he is killed by a blaster shot in the back, and the mysterious object goes flying. It is snatched out of the air by Wookie dark side adept, who then leaps to safety and shoots the support beams of the catwalk, causing the group to tumble out into space and land in a zero-gravity water globe on stage.

The Wookie escapes the opera house as the group (with the exception of Torrin Kor, who was able to save himself) fights to extricate themselves from the watery hindrance. Eventually the group makes it outside, only to see the Wookie take off on a swoop bike. The group means to give chase, but immediately see that their hover limo has been destroyed by swoop bike gangers. Fortunately, the gangers left their bikes unattended while they engaged in the mayhem, and the group commandeer the bikes and give chase to the Wookie.

Dodging traffic and blaster bolts from angry swoop gangers hot on their heels, the group chases the Wookie towards the city’s spaceport. Before the group can catch the Wookie, they are confronted by the swoop gang leader. The ensuing fight delays the group long enough for the Wookie to get into a ship and take off.

After defeating the gang leader, the group hurries to their own ships and pursue. Almost immediately after taking off, the group is set upon by a number of beast riders mounted on Drexls. The group easily defeats the beast riders, but by the time they reach orbit, the Wookie has already jumped into hyperspace. Fortunately, the item that the Wookie had stolen had a tracking device on it, which the group is able to follow. The tracking device points the group to Korriban.

Just before they jump into hyperspace, the group receives a message from Mr. X: “You bloody back-stabbing schuttas! Ya think you’re gonna get away with killin’ my mate, ya got another think comin’! If you think you can just up and disappear, then you obviously have never had a ticked-off Bothan on your tail!”

Act II: Please Enjoy Your Stay at the Valley of the Sith Lords

The group arrives at Korriban and realizes that the tracking signal is now coming from the tomb of the ancient Sith Lord Marka Ragnos. The group lands a short distance away and begins to trek toward the tomb. After fighting off a trio of gundarks, the group finally makes it into the tomb. The presence of the dark side is almost overpowering inside the tomb, and the group’s mind begins to play tricks on them.

Eventually, the group comes to a seeming dead end wall covered with moveable glyphs. The group realizes that the glyphs must be rearranged to say:

Peace is a lie; there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

Once the glyphs are arranged correctly, a section of the wall slides into the floor and allows the group to pass. The next chamber is again a seeming dead end. This time, however, the group is confronted by a ghastly vision of the late Capt. Vartang, who accuses them of stealing his ship and leaving his family to starve. Eventually it is revealed that the vision of the unfortunate Capt. Vartang is actually the shade of Marka Ragnos, toying with the group.

The Sith Lord’s shade challenges the group, who must respond correctly or die. The group responds correctly, and the entire exchange is thus:

Peace is a lie; there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

The shade of Marka Ragnos disappears and the wall blocking the group’s way slides into the floor, only to reveal the Wookie that they have been chasing all this time. A desperate battle ensues,with the group finally getting the upper hand and the Wookie escaping at the last second before he is killed. Frustrated, the group moves into the central chamber of the tomb where the tracking signal is coming from.

Act III: It’s All as Clear as Mud Now

In the central chamber, a human force adept confronts the group, holding the mysterious object. The adept reveals that Tsillen Voore has been marked for death by the Krath, but attacks instead of explaining why. The group battles the adept and is finally able to triumph, finally retrieving the mysterious object. The group also unsuccessfully tries to identify the dead adept, finding only distinctive glyph tattooed on his inner eyelid.

Before leaving the tomb, the force adepts of the group sense something strange inside Marka Ragnos’ sarcophagus. Searching inside, they discover a key to a Sith holocron. They take the key and leave Korriban.

The group returns to Coruscant and begin to enter the orbital traffic lanes heading planetside. Before they can do so, they are attacked by Mr. X (flying a Firespray-31). A space battle ensues with the group dodging Mr. X and other ships inside the traffic lanes. Eventually, the group is able to triumph and Mr. X is defeated.

Back at Ziro’s hangar, the group hands over the item and Ziro seems pleased. The Hutt pays the group and hands over the holocron base that he’d promised to Tsillen. Eager to see what the holocron might reveal, the group inserts the key and the holocron comes to life.

The holocron displays an image of Darth Plageuis, who says:

“Greetings, adepts. I applaud your tenacity in reconstructing my holocron. No doubt it was not easy. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Darth Plageuis the wise. While I have much to teach and you have much to learn, I sense that you are not yet strong enough to endure my lessons. However, do not be discouraged at this small obstacle. Soon you will be able to bear the truths that I will reveal to you. Until then, accept this gift as both enticement and reward.”

The holocron rewards the entire group with a bonus feat.

The End



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