Enigma Sector

Part 2: Wreck and Ruin

In Space, No One Can Hear You Take Stuff That Isn't Yours

Wreck and Ruin, mini-adventure from Scum and Villainy run by Peryton
Players: Amy (Asha), Daniel (YVH-C45), Jon (Tsillin Voore), Lynn (Merrick), Michael (Torrin Korr)

Mos Eisley Job Offer

Tsillin Voore received word from a contact that a job opportunity was available. They met the contact at the Mos Eisley cantina on Tatooine. He told them of a wrecked Neimoidian droid control ship, the Starworm, and offered to pay them to scavenge its droid control device. They could also keep any other salvage they recovered. After some haggling (including an unsuccessful mind trick attempt), the group set off to find the wreck.

Finding the Starworm

The Starworm was where it was supposed to be. However, other scavengers had gotten there first. Several TIE fighters were buzzing about the wreck and claimed it for a local pirate. The party quickly chased the TIE fighters away with a few well-placed shots and a proton torpedo.

Looting the Starworm

The group had to use spacesuits to board the wreck, as it was exposed to vacuum. Once inside, they were ambushed by a squad of battle droids, leftovers from the ship’s complement that were buried in the wreckage. The group located the droid control module, as well as an intact droid starfighter and a number of other components they loaded into The Silver Chair’s cargo bay. They also found a functioning quad-laser battery, but were unable to scavenge it before the pirate returned with more fighters. Torrin Korr wanted to remain on the Starworm and engage the pirates face-to-face, but the rest of the group favored engaging them in space. They quickly finished loading and took off, and destroyed the pirate fleet handily.


Returning to Tatooine, the group was able to sell the components and the droid starfighter and collect their reward for the droid control module.

End of Part 2: Wreck and Ruin



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