Enigma Sector

Part 1: The Beckoning Enigma

The Adventure Begins

The Beckoning Enigma, original adventure by Peryton
Players: Amy (Asha), Daniel (YVH-C45), Jon (Tsillin Voore), Lynn (Merrick), Michael (Torrin Korr)

Glon Kalmat Cantina

Each for reasons of their own (most of which are detailed in their entries on the ‘Characters’ tab), Asha, YVH-C45, Tsillin Voore, Merrick and Torrin Korr all converged on the cantina at Glon Kalmat, a mining colony made of asteroids held together by duranium scaffolding.

Looking for passage further into the Outer Rim, Torrin Korr engaged Captain Vartang in conversation. Captain Vartang’s boasts were cut short when a gigantic harpoon burst through the wall of the cantina and impaled him. The harpoon was the “needler” of B’nox Veet, who announced his presence via hologram and demanded that Tsillin Voore be turned over to him. The cantina suffered decompression, and the group barely managed to escape. Torrin Korr got the keys to Captain Vartang’s ship. Immediately convinced by Tsillin Voore’s claims of innocence, Torrin Korr handed over the keys to the Quarren, and the rest of the group piled inside.

Escape from The Needler

Although Vartang’s ship, the Aluminum Falcon (later renamed The Silver Chair), seemed to be no match for Veet’s Y-Wing starfighter, they were able to avoid getting shot or harpooned as they raced through the careening asteroids. As they pressed into seldom-trafficked areas of the asteroid field, they noticed some strange ruins with what appeared to be gigantic armored corpses embedded in the rock. Obviously, though, they had no time to stop and look around.

The Quarren Station

Finding the station…

Exploring the Station


The Experiment

Force Commander & co….

Showdown with B’Nox Veet

Chop chop…


Station disappears. Ships seized…



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