Enigma Sector


Coded Messages

From Tsillin Voore to Ziro the Hutt:

zzzzIncoming messagezzzzz xxxxxxfrom: "afriend"xxxxxx
00000to: "Zed"0000000
!!!!!!confirm accept message y/n: y!!!!!!!!!!
#####biometric identification accepted#####
$$$$$$message decrypted$$$$$$$
*****message follows:*******

My most esteemed Lord Ziro:

I have had some success gathering the information that you requested of me when last we met. I was able to get in touch with an old contact of mine. I will refer to him as “Ishmael.” Ishmael, in addition to being a reliable broker of, let us say, “questionable” goods and information, is also the manager of a traveling troupe of Mon Calamari actors. Ishmael has informed me that he has been able to set up a meeting with a representative of a group of collectors who are willing to sell you one of the “items” you requested. The meet will happen at the troupe’s next scheduled performance, on Onderon.

Ishmael is slightly paranoid, as one would expect from someone in his line of work, and so will only meet with beings he trusts; namely me and my associates. If you wish me to purchase the item, I will require the following:

Formal attire (as the meeting is taking place at an opera), funds to cover the price of the item, and (as I am quite sure Captain Merrick is unwilling to risk his ship in a third encounter with this strange and unstable technology) a suitable transport to ferry us to the meeting and carry the item to you once we have it. I am still willing to fly the “Queen Asha’s Revenge” to cover the transport both to and fro, so do not fret about an escort. However, I would advise that it would be prudent to ensure that the transport is well armed, “just in case,” as my human companions would say.

My associates will require the usual compensation, of course. However, in lieu of my own share of credits, I instead humbly ask only that you grant me a request. I would like to know of any information that you have regarding the whereabouts of the cult known as the Krath. They are a subject that I have much interest in.

So, my gracious lord Ziro, if this arrangement sounds acceptable to you, please message me within ten standard days, and my associates and I will begin making preparations.

May the moons of Nal Hutta shine ever brightly.

Your humble servant,

Tsillin Voore

******message ends********

Reply from Ziro the Hutt to Tsillin Voore:

My Dear Captain Voore:

Without more knowledge of the nature of this piece of technology, it is difficult for me to assess its value to me. Nonetheless, you have piqued my interest. I will allow you to use a transport vessel from my pool. However, you will be responsible for damages and your YT-1300 must remain with me as collateral. Your friend Captain Merrick may be less than pleased with these terms. I leave the resolution to you.

As for the Krath, to my knowledge they are long extinct and quite dangerous. I do, however, have access to a certain ancient holocron which is purported to contain information on their teachings, indoctrination techniques, and many of their secrets. What I do not have is the key to open this holocron. To my knowledge, such a key could only be obtained from one of the ancient Sith tombs on the abandoned planet Korriban. If you do journey to Korriban, take care—rumor has it that Darth Sidious himself went there seeking further knowledge of the Force, and barely made it back alive.

A pleasure, as always, to hear from you, My Good Captain.

Yours In Violet Pulchritude,

Ziro the Hutt

From Tsillin Voore to Asha, Elizabeth, Merrick, and Torrin Korr:

zzzzIncoming messagezzzzz

To: Crews of the “Silver Chair”; “Queen Asha’s Revenge”

Greetings my friends. I am sending this message with much enthusiasm, as Ziro has agreed to send us on another mission, and to pay our full fee upon completion. In the interest of keeping the Silver Chair from being unnecessarily damaged this time, I have negotiated to have Ziro lend us one of his own transports, with the condition that I allow him to install an astromech droid in my own Y-wing (which will no doubt try to steal or destroy my ship if we step out of line). I have agreed to this condition and am pleased to say that I am ready to leave on this latest adventure whenever all of you are. Attached are the correspondences between Ziro and I to date.

Your friend and comrade-in-arms,

Tsillin Voore

From Merrick to Tsillin Voore:

zzzzIncoming messagezzzzz

To:Tsillin Voore

Voore, you squidfaced nurf herder. What are you trying to imply telling that worm-eaten slug I am afraid to face risk without even talking to me about it? Call me coward again and I’ll make you yearn for the sarlack pit.

Do you really think I would prefer to trust my life to whatever hunk of junk Ziro drags out of his scrap yard than to take the Silver Chair? Furthermore, you will not keep the Queen Asha’s Revenge long if you continue to trust the likes of Ziro or his minions. Unless this whatever it is we’re going after is worth a lot more than the Queen Asha’s Revenge, do you really think Ziro would hesitate to steal your ship and leave us stranded in the outer rim on some piece of crap transport and then probably steal the Silver Chair as well.

Get the details and then I’ll chart a flight path with the Chair’s navicomputer. I’ll have the refits on her done in a few days and will be ready to go. BTW, we need to set a price before we go. You may not want to be paid, but I’m in this for the money.

Captain Merrick

******message ends********



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