Enigma Sector

Part 3: Fire and Ice

Weekend at Ziro's

Fire and Ice, original adventure by Michael C. Lea
Players: Amy (Asha), Isa (Elizabeth), Jon (Tsillin Voore), Lynn (Merrick)
NPC Hero: Torrin Korr

The strange inhabitants of the Enigma Sector have not returned.
The crews of the Silver Chair and the Queen Asha’s Revenge
continue to expand their reputations
as traders, smugglers and warriors-for-hire.

On an expedition to the remote ice planet Hoth,
a plan to scavenge an abandoned Rebel Base goes awry
when the vicious Trandoshan bounty hunter Sstak Grap
springs his ambush.

Sstak Grap’s attack is repulsed, but not without cost.
With their starfighter badly damaged, the explorers flee,
hoping to find a friendly port and the resources for repairs.
Then the Silver Chair receives a mysterious transmission…

Space Telegram

The group has been joined by the mysterious human noblewoman Elizabeth, who brought with her a transponder and map of Echo Base, the abandoned Rebel establishment on Hoth. While trying to scavenge valuable parts from the base on Hoth, the group was ambushed and attacked by vicious Trandoshan bounty hunter Sstak Grap, who like B’nox Veet was hunting down Captain Voore. They escaped, but their ships were both damaged, the Queen Asha’s Revenge most seriously.

The Silver Chair then received a coded hyper-pulse transmission:


Clearly this was a message intended for Captain Vartang, the previous owner of The Silver Chair. After a quick consultation, the group elected to follow the transmission to Coruscant.

Imperial Entanglements

The group exited hyperspace only to find themselves hurtling directly for a battered Imperial Star Destroyer! Barely avoiding a collision, the two ships fought off a TIE Fighter escort as they struggled to reach Coruscant. Curiously, the Star Destroyer did not use its main guns and focused its attention on snagging The Silver Chair with a tractor beam. The group escaped the Imperials, however, and managed to escape inside Coruscant’s orbital defenses. During the fight, YVH-C45 repeatedly excused himself to “check on something” in his quarters, and seemed to be behaving strangely.

After exchanging another message with the mysterious “Zed,” the group received directions to his private landing pad. The quartermaster there, however, wouldn’t release the parts to repair the two ships without hearing directly from “Zed.”

The Man Called Zed

Tsillin Voore gathers information in the Dead Man's Lantern.

A quick HoloNet search revealed the location of the Dead Man’s Lantern—deep in the warrens, in the dank underbelly of the grand metropolis of Coruscant. The only sign was a painting of a skeleton clutching a crude oil lamp. As the group entered the dark, smoky interior, the babble of voices inside dropped to a whisper – this was clearly not the kind of place that strangers walked into every day.

The group combed the cantina for Reepo, blending in as best they could. Merrick and Tsillin, being somewhat more accustomed to the underworld, spread out to gather information. Reepo, however, saw them coming and attempted to sneak away. Only Asha’s keen senses spotted him before he was able to slip out the door. Tsillin and Asha followed him from a safe distance. Reepo led them into an alleyway and then turned on Tsillin, whom he had spotted following him. He did not spot Asha, however, and when Tsillin revealed that there an Ewok with a flamethrower had the drop on him, Reepo was too stunned to protest.

Negotiations, Aggressive and Otherwise

Zed=Ziro the Hutt

The group followed Reepo to the lair of his master “Zed,” who turned out to be none other than Ziro the Hutt. The Hutt, of course, had been expecting to hire Captain Vartang, but was in desperate enough need that he was willing to hire the people who had taken Vartang’s ship instead. Ziro had some “delicate merchandise” that needed to be transported to a safehouse quickly and quietly, and needed to avoid the renegade element of the Imperial Fleet that was pursuing the merchandise (and which the group had already encountered once). Ziro confided to Tsillin that the merchandise in question, like the Haamin and the Autobionic Plague, was from a universe on the other side of the Spacewall.

The two sides quickly settled on a price of 25,000 credits, plus free repairs to the Queen Asha’s Revenge, but Ziro insisted that everyone, including himself and Reepo, accompany the cargo on The Silver Chair. As the negotiations wrapped up, a squad of Imperial Stormtroopers led by an officer burst in and demanded surrender. Asha answered their demands with a grenade, which obliterated most of the squad. The others were quickly dispatched, but more Imperials were arriving, accompanied by AT-ST walkers. Everyone fled through Ziro’s secret tunnel to the docking bays.

Crash Landing

The group got aboard their ship and took off. Departing Coruscant space, they saw the battered Star Destroyer being engaged by Coruscant’s defenses. Intercepted communications revealed that the Imperials were working for someone they referred to only as “the Baron.”

The jump to hyperspace went very wrong. The Silver Chair lurched back into normal space above Hoth instead, and was pulled into its gravity well! The ship spiralled down for a crash landing!

YVH-C45 was suspiciously insistent that this was not his fault, and wandered off to his quarters again. Merrick, Torrin, and Tsillin went after him. In YVH-C45’s quarters, Merrick discovered the severed head of B’nox Veet, hooked into The Silver Chair’s systems. YVH-C45 knew that B’nox Veet had information on YVH-C45’s lost master, and droid was determined to get it. Unfortunately, in trying to tap in to B’nox Veet’s memory banks, YVH-C45 had exposed The Silver Chair to the autobionic plague. Merrick was furious to see the techno-organic contagion spreading through his ship’s systems.

Merrick and Tsillin Voore pounced on YVH-C45 and managed to deactivate him. Merrick then dumped YVH-C45, the head of B’nox Veet, and anything else that looked infected out the airlock and into the snow. Asha offered to cleanse the area with her flamethrower, but Merrick declined.

Faced with a life support system that would not hold out once the sun set in four hours, the group pulled together to root out the infection, combining Merrick’s and Tsillin’s mechanic skills, Asha’s keen senses, Elizabeth’s medical knowledge, and Torrin Korr’s Force sense to locate and remove the techno-organic infection. That done, Merrick, Tsillin Voore, and Torrin Korr set out to locate and scavenge repair parts from Echo Base.

Snow Rodeo

Asha and Elizabeth left on a different mission: following the tracks of some strange animals that Asha had spotted in the snow around the ship. Asha was able to follow the tracks and locate some formerly domesticated taun-tauns. Apparently leftovers from Echo Base who were released back into the wild, they still had the rotting remains of saddles and bridles attached. Although Elizabeth had a bit of a stumble trying to quickly mount one of the taun-tauns, Asha quickly got the herd under control, and the two rode to catch up with the rest of the group.

Echo Base

The group entered Echo Base cautiously, since the bounty hunter Sstak Grap might still be lurking about. They entered through the hangar and soon ran afoul of a team of mercenaries who were scavenging the husks of snowspeeders. The mercenaries were soundly defeated through a concerted effort, and the group gleefully scavenged every last bit of their equipment.

They scavenged the ruined snowspeeders as well, quickly recovering enough spare parts to repair The Silver Chair’s drive systems. The control systems needed repairing as well, however, and so they decided to make their way to the base’s control room.

They attempted to enter the control room stealthily, but they were spotted by their nemesis Sstak Grap, who potshotted Merrick from cover. A raging firefight ensued, with Sstak Grap holding off the entire group for a time. Accumulated wounds, as well as a particularly stinging blaster shot to the face from Asha, convinced him to retreat. Although Merrick organized a determined pursuit, Sstak Grap retreated into the snow, covered by his ship’s guns. As he left, he swore to collect his bounty on Tsillin Voore someday. Tsillin replied, “I’ll be waiting.”

With the control components scavenged, the group made a quick stop at the medical bay before returning to the ship. They gathered up some medical supplies and a broken 2-1B medical droid and made their way back through the snow to The Silver Chair.

Wampas on the Loose!

When they returned, the group found The Silver Chair’s door forced open and scored with claw marks. Inside, they found that Ziro the Hutt and Reepo, who had remained behind, had accidentally let the monsters aboard. After a brief firefight (during which Asha was frustrated at being forbidden to use fire or explosives on the ship), the group was able to chase the surviving wampas back out into the snow.

With the snow-beasts gone, they were free to make repairs. Only 15 minutes before life support would have given out, Merrick pronounced The Silver Chair fit for travel, and they successfully lifted off from Hoth. According to a previous arrangement with Merrick, Asha fired the ship’s guns at the inert body of YVH-C45 as they took off, apparently destroying the renegade droid.

Delivering the Package

As the ship flew through hyperspace to Ziro the Hutt’s safehouse, the Hutt confided to Tsillin Voore that the contents of his “package” were from the other side of the Spacewall, and that he might enlist the Quarren’s assistance in finding other items of technology from the other universe. He even cracked the case and showed Tsillin what was inside: an armed and armored figure, formidable-looking but apparently dead.

Alarmed, Tsillin realized that everything else from the other universe had been highly dangerous, and sought to dispose of it. Initial attempts by Tsillin and Elizabeth to distract Ziro failed, but eventually Merrick jolted the ship around enough to tip Ziro over, after which Elizabeth was able to convince him to leave the cargo hold and go to the medical bay. Tsillin quickly wired the package with explosives taken from the mercenaries on Hoth.

They safely arrived at Ziro’s safehouse and began to offload the package. As they were negotiating payment, some workers dropped the package, spilling its contents. The armored warrior inside woke up, but did not speak any familiar language and seemed very confused. He seemed to see Torrin Korr as a threat, and engaged the Jensaarai in combat. The armored warrior seemed more than a match for Torrin, but with Tsillin’s explosives, the use of the ship’s guns, and a perfectly-placed flamethrower shot from Asha, the group was able to prevail.

Although Ziro the Hutt was less than pleased with Tsillin’s subterfuge, he was at least happy to have not been carved into purple escargot by the armored creature’s energy blade. He paid the group as promised, and remained open to employing them further if the opportunity arose.

End of Part 3: Fire and Ice



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